Redbush Citrus - Rooibos Tea
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This South African tisane has been flavoured with a medley of lemon and bergamot oils, fruit pieces and flowers. Particularly suited to children, being free of caffeine and rich in healthy antioxidants. Like tea, it can be taken with milk and honey or fruit sugar.
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This South African tisane is a great substitute for real tea with its rich red colour and flavour. It is organically grown and particularly suitable for children, being free of caffeine and rich in healthy antioxidants. We select the highest grade, composed predominantly of fine leaf, and free of the dust found in the lower grades. This is blended with natural citrus oils and flowers to offer a refreshing cup, similar to a good Earl Grey tea. Can be taken with milk if brewed for a good five minutes. It is very pleasant taken with honey or fruit sugar. Rooibos is usually grown in the Cederberg, a small mountainous area in the Western Cape province of South Africa. We use the highest grade available to ensure maximum polyphenol content, which is responsible for creating the best flavour and efficacy that Rooibos is famed for. At the moment demand for Rooibos is outstripping supply, meaning growers are achieving high prices for their crop. Have you tried sweetening herbal tea with natural liquorice root or Stevia leaf?

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Leaf GradeHandmade Strip
Use Milk?Optional
Brew Time2-5 mins depending on milk usage.
Water Temperature100 c
Number of Infusions1