Sweet Apple Fruit Infusion Tea
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A fruit infusion made with apple and pineapple pieces with fruit oil and a healthy dose of vitamin C. It is a sweet, refreshing alternative to tea or coffee and is delicious hot or cold. Great as a drink for children too.
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This rich, tasty and light blend is made simply from air-dried pieces of sweet apple and mellow pineapple. The healthy vitamin C brings a special and lively freshness to the crispy, sweet apple flavour. The subtle pineapple notes also add an extra touch of sweetness. As with all of our infusions, it is delicious served hot or left to cool and served from the fridge or over ice in the summer. Fruit infusion teas became popular in the early 80's and are now widely available and drunk the world over. What differentiates our blends from others is the use of real fruit pieces in the recipe. Other blends, in which hibiscus and rosehip are the predominant ingredients, rely on flavouring to create interest but tend to have a thin, acidic infusion that often disappoints in flavour. We've been making and selling fruit infusions since 1991 without compromising our recipes so our customers keep coming back. Have you tried sweetening herbal tea with natural liquorice root or Stevia leaf?

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Leaf GradeFruit Pieces
Use Milk?No
Brew Time5-10 mins
Water Temperature100 c
Number of Infusions1-2